Linden Museum Stuttgart & National Museum of Ethnology Leiden

For the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden I developed a ball game called Pok ta Pok which was a sport in the ancient Maya civilization. The game was a huge crowd attractor and is translated into german and is part of the Maya 2012 Exhibition at the Linden Museum in Stuttgart. It is now also part of the permanent exhibition at the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden.

The game is developed with the use of openFrameworks. The game is projected on to a huge print of Chichen Itza, a large city built by the Maya civilization. The players need to strap on a belt which contains a small wireless accelerometer which is designed an developed by Michel Gutlich. The sensor detects whenever a player jumps, and by doing so, the player can play the ancient game Pok ta Pok.

The exhibition where this game is a part of has been nominated for the Artifex Award 2010 and the Digitale Erfgoedprijs 2010.